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Theory & Harmony

Summer 2016 Theory and Harmony programs registering now! Click here for details.

Learning music is like learning a language. Theory gives you the basics of this musical language, so that you can understand and play with other musicians. This helps you be the best musician you can be.

Why should you take music theory?
If music is a mystery to you, think of theory as the magic key to learning how it all makes sense. Theory, harmony, history, analysis and counterpoint are the keys to understanding how parts of a song work together. If you learn theory, you will become a well-rounded musician and you will be able to play more complex, more beautiful music.

Our Scarborough, New Conservatory of Music music studio is proud to offer the following classes in private or group lessons:
  • Theory
  • Harmony
  • History
  • Analysis
  • Counterpoint

Our professional staff of teachers can accommodate theory instruction at any time of year. For group theory lessons, we offer special six-week summer courses leading to the official RCM examinations in week seven. If you are interested in taking group theory with us, contact us by May for upcoming summer classes.