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Before his drum lessons, Caleb was an average math student. After he started taking drum lessons at NCM, he is now an A+ student in math. Because of his music lessons, my son has become very good at figuring out concepts and exhibiting leadership qualities. He is more confident in facing challenges. His ability to put things together is at a higher level. He has become a better listener. He works harder. He is more cooperative with others. He has become more skillful with his hands and much sharper with his thinking. I really appreciate introducing my son to music. It has enhanced his academic ability in totality. - Mrs. J.
Piano lessons are our family's weekly routine. We enjoy taking the kids to piano recitals at the mall and eventually the Festival, seeing their progress in music year after year. Our kids have never wanted to miss their piano class.

My son had problems with fine motor skill development. Thanks to his piano lessons, he has improved in this area. He is better able to manipulate his hands and fingers, with better hand-eye coordination. - Mrs. T.
My daughter was very shy in social gatherings and would always remain quiet at school. Thanks to her piano and vocal lessons, she performs at her school talent show and she has received a sense of confidence because of it. She has greatly increased in her academic life, especially improvements in studying for tests and exams. Her highest mark always remains music. Thanks to her music lessons, she has become noticeably more responsible and independent not only with her studies but her lifestyle.

Ms. Maxwell has encouraged my daughter's singing and molded her talent. Her performances have greatly improved in such a short span of time! Ms. Maxwell has also introduced her to various other styles of music and expanded her musical base.

In an experience through 8 years at NCM, my daughter has had the opportunity to meet amazing teachers who will definitely remain a part of her life. NCM is an extraordinary music school that we highly recommend to family and friends. - Mrs. S.
I enrolled in drum lessons at NCM as a 40th birthday present to myself, after many years of wanting to learn. I wasn’t allowed to play the drums as a kid, and I always regretted it. As an adult, I was so busy with my work and family responsibilities that I didn’t take time to do anything fun for myself.

Learning the drums has gotten me moving more, it’s improving my coordination, and I’m happy doing something fun that is just for me. Thanks to Joe’s excellent instruction, I picked up the basics quickly and I’m having a lot of fun! -Mr. T.
Both of my daughters have been going to NCM from a young age. They have both excelled in music as well as academics at school. It brings us great pleasure when they play at school for talent shows and graduations and receive praise on how well they play.

Both of my daughters were pretty shy and nervous, but after they received lessons and performed at NCM festivals, they were more outgoing and bold.

After taking lessons, we found our daughters became more disciplined. They were given specific times of the day to practice their pieces and we found that both of them took this time-managing skill and applied it to other aspects to their life. - Mrs. J.
I didn't struggle before, but piano lessons did help my math a lot. I do better in school now and I can concentrate a lot better thanks to my piano teacher. - Irena H.
We never realized how many things our daughter lacked in music until we switched her to Ms. Christy. Basic skills such as sight-reading, scales and ear tests were unbeknownst to her. Today, our daughters have completed many RCM exams successfully, thanks to Ms. Christy. - Mrs. J.
My daughter is excited to go to her music lessons. She particularly looks forward to the recitals and the competition for trophies. She also enjoys playing the piano for her friends and family. She is proud of her new skills. She is a very intelligent child, but she is easily bored. It is difficult to find things that keep her interested. Music has provided new interest for her, and she is anxious to learn more and perform well.

Our daughter's self-confidence has improved significantly. She is very relaxed playing her music at recitals and family gatherings. She has developed an appreciation for music and is looking forward to learning to play music of her own choice. - Mrs. R.
Because of their lessons at NCM, my kids are now better at facing difficulty. They have improved in musical ability, concentration, and focus. - Mrs. Z.
Every success that my son experiences in his music training is a boost to his confidence, and his appreciation for music has increased since he started learning to play the piano. I've been enjoying listening to him play and watching his musical ability grow. - Mrs. J
Music is a big part of my autistic daughter's life. She has very little language, but is able to participate in singing and playing the piano. Music is her principal means of expression. Piano lessons have provided an enjoyable pastime and given her an outlet for her innate musicality. Music lessons have also helped my daughter's fine motor skills, which she has transferred to complex craft projects. Tammy is able to sit still for significant periods of time (a problem when she was younger) and follows direction closely. She has a wonderful memory, which has improved with piano lessons. - Mrs. B.
We have a great sense of pride in NCM. Seeing the girls grow in music and improve on skills like academics, confidence and drive has made this small investment one of the best ones.

Before NCM, the kids were unfocused and indecisive. With piano lessons and great teachers at NCM, there has been a significant improvement in academics, they are more focused and confident. Mr. Norona is an amazing teacher! The kids enjoy music and learning from him. They come home with a great sense of pride about what they accomplished at their lesson. They enjoy music because of him and his teaching skills. There should be more teachers like him.

Piano lessons are the best thing we did for the girls. Having a place for them to grow their music capabilities has benefitted them significantly. Thank you NCM for your nurturing and talented school and for helping improve my girls' confidence, focus and drive. - Mrs. M.
Music has been a wonderful part of our lives and brings joy to our family and to the others we play songs to. We are very thankful for NCM music teachers for teaching our kids. - Al-Boucharah family
Since our daughter took up piano lessons from NCM, our house became lively and happier. Instead of watching TV after doing homework, she played piano and practiced singing. We all enjoy and love it!

Our daughter is a very shy kid. By practicing at NCM with other kids, she developed her confidence. In our church, she used or applied what she learned from NCM to be a good choir member. She even told me at school, she sings with her teacher! Her level of confidence has improved and she has become a happier kid. - Mr. and Mrs. P.
We have noticed a dramatic improvement in Sammy's academic performance. Piano classes have helped her focus. Prior to her starting her piano classes, she was restless when trying to study. Her understanding of mathematic problems and working out the solutions have really improved and this is a direct result of her piano lessons! In fact, her academics have improved so much that she has been named the valedictorian for her graduating class this year.

Sammy has really enjoyed her piano classes. The benefits are clear to see every time she comes home from a class. She loves coming home and immediately showing us what she has learnt.

It's not always easy to get your child to focus and play the piano, especially when they have so many other commitments and learning and studying after school is not fun. However, the rewards of learning an instrument are so great. The satisfaction that our daughter has when she's learnt a new piece of music is wonderful. We have absolutely seen a dramatic improvement in her academic performance and this is a result of her working with NCM. Thank you! - Mrs. Y.
The benefits and results we have enjoyed from taking music lessons at NCM have been seeing my son increase academically. My family was very excited and proud of his performance at last year's recital, which brought tears of happiness in his grandmother's eyes. - Mrs. J
Alex developed the taste for music, developed his sense of rhythm, and improved his concentration to perform and to do tasks. Most importantly, he learns the value of perseverance, patience and determination. Mr. Stefan did a wonderful job disciplining, channeling and focusing Alex's attention. Mr. Stefan is giving him a challenge appropriate for his age, skills and knowledge to learn new score. Alex gets continuous encouragement from Mr. Stefan to perform at a higher level. - Mrs. N.
It's a big blessing that I enrolled my kids here because it lessens their time playing their gadgets and I noticed that their listening skills improved a lot. On behalf of my family circle I would like to thank all the staff of NCM and most especially to Karl's family for having this wonderful institution to help my kids for better education and to their future to come. - Mrs. Galleta
From do re mi that she played as she started her first lesson to the beautiful playlist now makes her prove to us and herself that she have achieved her passion for playing piano. Playing piano is not an easy task - it needs patience, listening skills and talent. We as parents really appreciate what NCM has done for her.

Self confidence, maturity, love of playing piano, great achievements, all of these have been given to our daughter by her piano teacher. Since the first year she joined the festival she is having fun and full of excitement. Every time we hear music played in our house, it makes us feel that NCM makes it possible for our family to enjoy, love and appreciate the sound of music. - Mrs. E.
Before NCM, Thamirah used to spend more time on TV and other electronics and games. After NCM, she runs to the piano to get the challenging pieces correct. I see her set personal targets to work on challenging pieces and works day and night. [Because of music lessons, we have noticed] increased focus on all she does and very good memory skills; good discipline and manners; and excellent public speaking and stage performance skill without nervousness.

Mr. Baldassini goes above and beyond to help our daughter improve in piano and he is the only motivating factor for her interest in music. His positive, motivational approach makes our daughter do more. Not to mention Ms. Maxwell, who is a great inspiration in bringing out our daughter's vocal skills. We never thought she would sing this well despite having throat issues.

I have been telling all the parents with young kids to start music early since it will make the kids more focused and make them stay out of electronics! It will improve their general academic skills, especially mathematics and memory. Most of all kids will enjoy music and will feel proud about themselves which will increase their general self esteem. - Mrs. T.
Kevin had not much reading interest - thanks to his lessons, he developed a great interest in reading. - Mrs. L.
Daniella did ok at school when it came to music class, but we noticed since she started taking piano lessons she has had a big improvement and she is more confidence. She considers Miss Betty to be a role model and she has a great deal of respect and appreciation for her. - Mrs. B.
Dear Lucia,
We wish to express our deepest gratitude to you for doing such an outstanding job of teaching Emilio for the last six years. You have assisted Emilio in preparing to compete successfully in NCM Festivals and most recently to achieve an 88% and 89% in the Kiwanis Festival.
Dear Norm,
Thank you for being an inspiration to Jonathan. I appreciate the extra pushes you gave him when he needed it and your confidence in him. If you had not really encouraged him to participate in the festival he would not have had the thrill of earning a trophy. God bless you. D. H.
Dear Mr.Haab,
Congratulations on yet another successful music festival! This year was Marc’s second time to join and was a very fruitful one indeed. He was overjoyed at the awards that he got and we, the parents were ecstatic.As this was our first time to attend the awarding ceremony at Stephen Leacock, we were just amazed at how many awards are being given out. It was so nice to see those big smiles in every recipient’s face as their names were called and their trophies awarded. M. G.
Dear Mr. Haab,
We really enjoyed Festival 96. This was, as you know, our first time there. You have many very talented students. Their performances were veryentertaining. S.M.
Dear Mr. Haab,
Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to play in your wonderful Music Festival! Mom and Dad also wanted you to know that we appreciate the generous contribution and effort, you and your staff put in to make Music Festival 1999 a tremendous success. Keep smiling. M. B.
Dear Mrs. Matzkin,
Thank you for these past eight years...so long! I appreciate the patience and warmth you have showed me that has instilled in me a love for music. I have been challenged and encouraged to succeed and had the opportunity to share my music with others at the festival each year. Thank you for always supporting me. Love O.K.
Dear Fernando,
On behalf of our daughters we would like to say Thank you. Our girls enjoyed success at the New Conservatory Music Festival. We would like you to know, that we appreciate the time and effort you put into working with your students. Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. F.
Dear Mr. Haab,
As you are aware, my son Tristan is no longer a pupil at your school. He is attending a performing arts school where he has the opportunity to study his piano there. I am writing this letter to inform you of the satisfaction we have received with Frank Norona, Tristan’s first piano teacher. Frank is a very caring and patient individual, who has inspired my son a lot with his music. He is wonderful with the younger students and takes them under his wing. We were lucky to have had Frank teach our son as he now has even more love for music and the piano and has learned a tremendous number of melodies. We wished you to know our gratitude to Frank as a teacher and we will miss seeing him every Friday. V. M.
Dearest Tatyana,
Thanks so much for your patience and care in teaching me piano. Wow! 9 years has flown by so quickly. I will always remember your smile and vibrant love for music. You’ve helped me understand music better and also when I started hating piano because of my parents, you’ve inspired me to continue. I promise you I won’t quit what you’ve begun in me. All the best in the future. Take care and God bless you. C. Y.
Dear Tatiana,
When our children received their winning prizes, we parents were elated. There are few teachers that can boast of the success you have achieved. A great deal of our children’s success, in our opinion, must be directly attributed to your professionalism, love, and sense of direction that you provide. Their results are your results, too. On behalf of our children,please accept our heartiest congratulations and best wishes for your continued success. C. M.