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Scarborough, New Conservatory of Music M1S 1V2

How to Enroll
At NCM, our experienced music counsellors will help you determine if you're ready for lessons, then help you choose an instrument and match you with a teacher. Our enrollment process is easy!

Step 1
Fill in our online form or call us during office hours at 416- 292-5959 to speak to a music counsellor.

Step 2
Come visit us at NCM. Our music counsellors will give you a tour of the school where you can see our facilities and teachers in action. During your visit, you will receive a free music assessment to determine whether you're ready for formal lessons (or at what level to restart, if you have had lessons before).

We will work with you on the best day and time for music lessons to fit into your busy schedule. Once you're scheduled, you can begin lessons!

Here is the good news: you won't need to buy an instrument to get started! We offer free instrument loans to beginners for piano, guitar, violin and drums. These instrument loans cover the first two months of lessons, giving you time to decide on the right instrument before you need to make a purchase.

Fees and Starting Lessons
To get started, your enrollment fee covers lifetime registration with NCM, and helps us match you with the right teacher, instrument, and lesson date & time.

When you begin lessons, you will be charged for the first month of lessons as well as a music book. After that, music lesson fees are charged monthly. On average, students need a new music book two to three times a year.

Lesson fees vary per instrument and type of lesson (group or private). Contact us to inquire about fees for specific instruments.