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Group Lessons
Our Scarborough music school is renowned for its group piano, vocal, and guitar lessons. Why should you choose group lessons over private lessons? Here are six of the best reasons.

  • Motivation. Students are likelier to practice and come prepared to their lesson when they know that other students will be prepared as well.
  • Social interaction. Students who play together make good friends, building confidence and making lessons more fun.
  • Performance experience. In a group, students have regular opportunities to perform for each other. They also have a chance to learn duets and ensemble pieces- teaching them to take turns as soloists and accompanists. Students get much more comfortable with audiences when learning in a group setting.
  • Students learn from each other.A group of students will always be diverse. Some students are better performers, some are better sight readers, and some are best at theory. Students can learn a lot from each other in a group lesson!
  • Longer lessons.Group lessons are one hour long, compared to private lessons, which are half an hour. In a group setting, students can pay attention longer and benefit from a combination of group and individual attention.
  • Fun.  Kids in a group lesson can play games to learn music theory, instead of the pressure of working in a one-on-one setting with a teacher.