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Beginner Lessons
A musical education is an investment in your future, at any age. Many studies show the dramatic benefits of music education for students. Children who learn music:
  • Perform better academically. Studies show exceptional advantages for music students in the areas of languages, mathematics, problem-solving and spatial reasoning.
  • Learn patience. Music students learn patience as they learn to play. Soon they understand the great rewards of hard work and discipline, and are able to tell the difference between average work and true craftsmanship.
  • Improve social skills. Music teaches teamwork skills, and enhances students' behaviour, attitude, co-operation, self-expression and self-esteem.
  • Develop confidence. Learning to perform teaches kids to take risks, to overcome fears, and fosters the courage to grow and improve.
  • Have fun. Music classes are great fun for all ages, no matter what instrument!

For adults and seniors, research shows that playing an instrument can add to your physical, mental and emotional health. The number one regret among seniors is that they did not learn to play a musical instrument. Remember: it is never, ever too late to learn music lessons!

If you aren't sure whether your child is ready for music yet, our eight-week aptitude course is the perfect length to help parents and teachers assess your child's musical ability and interest. By week eight, you can be certain whether you have made the right decision and whether your child will benefit from a musical education.

Instrument Loans for Beginning Students
Don't have an instrument? Don't worry! We loan instruments free of charge to beginners, with a deposit and proper identification. You can begin learning piano, guitar, drums or violin without the additional expense of purchasing an instrument right away.