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Welcome to
New Conservatory of Music

Welcome to our family-run music school! For over 50 years, the New Conservatory of Music has brought the gift of music to generations of families in Scarborough, Ontario. We teach piano, guitar, voice, violin, and drums with a staff of experienced teachers. We teach both private and group lessons, serving students in Toronto, North York, Markham, Pickering, and Ajax.

At NCM, we believe our school is about more than just studying music. Every day, we see music lessons help thousands of children develop in all areas of their life.

Math. Language. Listening skills. Focus. Motor control. Problem solving. Self-discipline. Music brings amazing transformations to children. During a time of school budget cuts, we want to bring music back into a well-rounded education for every student.

Our story began in the 1960s when our founder, Karl Haab, made a simple decision. He decided to dedicate his work to bringing people joy. Music was the best way he could imagine. Fifty years later, NCM has over 40 outstanding teachers and 1500 students every week who experience the incredible benefits of music education.

Come visit today, and see what makes us different. We are a family-run business with heart, and we take pride in bringing out the potential in every child. We look forward to meeting your family!

Welcome to
New Conservatory of Music

Welcome to our family-run music school! For over 50 years, the New Conservatory of Music has brought the gift of music education to generations of students in Scarborough, New Conservatory of Music. We love helping children and adults to discover music in a fun way. Our professional music teachers in Toronto are among the best in the business.

If you are looking for piano lessons, guitar lessons, singing lessons, violin or drum lessons for kids or grownups, drop by and see what we have to offer! Our doors are open seven days a week and we look forward to helping you reach your musical goals, no matter what style of music you love. Join us for lessons and we'll help you discover your inner talent!

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The New Conservatory of Music (NCM) is Toronto's best and largest private music school, serving students in Scarborough, North York, Markham and Pickering. Our Scarborough, ON location offers lessons in piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin, theory and more!

New Conservatory of Music offers the best comprehensive group piano lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, drum lessons and voice lessons in Toronto. Our music school provides music lessons and singing lessons in any style with qualified vocal coaches, piano teachers, singing teachers, guitar teachers, drum teachers and violin teachers.


  • Before his drum lessons, Caleb was an average math student. After he started taking drum lessons at NCM, he is now an A+ student in math. Because of his music lessons, my son has become very good at figuring out concepts and exhibiting leadership qualities. He is more confident in facing challenges. His ability to put things together is at a higher level. He has become a better listener. He works harder. He is more cooperative with others. He has become more skillful with his hands and much sharper with his thinking. I really appreciate introducing my son to music. It has enhanced his academic ability in totality.

    " Mrs. J.

  • Piano lessons are our family's weekly routine. We enjoy taking the kids to piano recitals at the mall and eventually the Festival, seeing their progress in music year after year. Our kids have never wanted to miss their piano class.

    My son had problems with fine motor skill development. Thanks to his piano lessons, he has improved in this area. He is better able to manipulate his hands and fingers, with better hand-eye coordination.

    " Mrs. T.

  • My daughter was very shy in social gatherings and would always remain quiet at school. Thanks to her piano and vocal lessons, she performs at her school talent show and she has received a sense of confidence because of it. She has greatly increased in her academic life, especially improvements in studying for tests and exams. Her highest mark always remains music. Thanks to her music lessons, she has become noticeably more responsible and independent not only with her studies but her lifestyle.

    Ms. Maxwell has encouraged my daughter's singing and molded her talent. Her performances have greatly improved in such a short span of time! Ms. Maxwell has also introduced her to various other styles of music and expanded her musical base.

    In an experience through 8 years at NCM, my daughter has had the opportunity to meet amazing teachers who will definitely remain a part of her life. NCM is an extraordinary music school that we highly recommend to family and friends.

    " Mrs. S.

  • I enrolled in drum lessons at NCM as a 40th birthday present to myself, after many years of wanting to learn. I wasn’t allowed to play the drums as a kid, and I always regretted it. As an adult, I was so busy with my work and family responsibilities that I didn’t take time to do anything fun for myself.

    Learning the drums has gotten me moving more, it’s improving my coordination, and I’m happy doing something fun that is just for me. Thanks to Joe’s excellent instruction, I picked up the basics quickly and I’m having a lot of fun!

    " Mr. T.

  • Both of my daughters have been going to NCM from a young age. They have both excelled in music as well as academics at school. It brings us great pleasure when they play at school for talent shows and graduations and receive praise on how well they play.

    Both of my daughters were pretty shy and nervous, but after they received lessons and performed at NCM festivals, they were more outgoing and bold.

    After taking lessons, we found our daughters became more disciplined. They were given specific times of the day to practice their pieces and we found that both of them took this time-managing skill and applied it to other aspects to their life.

    " Mrs. J.

  • I didn't struggle before, but piano lessons did help my math a lot. I do better in school now and I can concentrate a lot better thanks to my piano teacher.

    " Irena H.

  • We never realized how many things our daughter lacked in music until we switched her to Ms. Christy. Basic skills such as sight-reading, scales and ear tests were unbeknownst to her. Today, our daughters have completed many RCM exams successfully, thanks to Ms. Christy.

    " Mrs. J.

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